Fast Access to Data

The ADC provides the USG access to mission-critical data at the pace of industry


Industry Expertise

The ADC leverages its members’ extensive experience building alternative data solutions for commercial and government customers


Vendor Collaboration

The ADC includes a community of highly-qualified vendors, both collaborating and competing to support USG requirements


Transparency and Accountability

The ADC provides a framework for managing compliance and measuring accountability with full transparency to the USG


We leverage our experience in commercial industry along with our expertise in government contracting to establish a consortium environment where government and industry work jointly with speed and precision.

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Identifying Partners

ANDECO helps the USG identify viable industry partners to drive innovation

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Creating Access to Opportunities

ADC members are afforded access to data-centric USG opportunities

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Simplifying Acquisition

Eliminates the confusing and complicated USG acquisition processes

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Reducing Acquisition Time

Reduces the timeline from solicitation to award, increasing efficiency

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Reducing Cost

Reduces the overall cost of accessing commercial and non-traditional data and services

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Promoting Competition

Minimizes barriers for small businesses and non-traditional vendors

Join the ADC

ANDECO helps the USG innovate and modernize data collection, processing, and distribution capabilities. ADC members are granted exclusive access to unique opportunities focusing on USG data requirements.

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